Impressionistic Painting in Oil from Life, Photographs and Imagination
Tuesdays 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Artists' Alliance of Sugar Land, 104 Industrial Blvd, Suite Q, Sugar Land, TX 77478
For details, please contact
Impressionistic Painting in Oil from Life, Photographs and Imagination
Wednesdays 1:30 - 4:30 pm
Houston Civic Arts Association, 5202 Bissonnet, Bellaire, TX 77401, 713-668-0785
For details, please contact


Assortment of 9"x10" - 16”x20” canvasses
Oil Paint
titanium white
yellow ochre
cadmium yellow light
cadmium yellow medium
cadmium red medium
transparent red oxide (or burnt sienna)
alizarin permanent (or alizarin crimson)
ivory black
cobalt blue (or ultramarine blue)
sap green
          Please avoid anything called “substitute” or “hue”.
           Assortment of bristle flats and/or filberts sizes: 2 – 10.
Odorless Solvent
           Middle tone neutral color (not white).
Palette Knife
Paper Towels
          A small mirror is helpful in identification of drawing errors.
Positive Attitude

Participants' Comments 


I wanted to let you know that because of your suggestion to enter competitions as much as we can, I entered the show today and won BEST LANDSCAPE!!!   I'm so excited.  I also got a "first honorable mention".  Not bad for 2 out of 3 paintings.  So...thank you for your encouragement..  S

The demonstrator was SYLVIA TRYBEK.  I call it - ONE DAY DEMO - A YEAR WORTH OF LESSONS.  SYLVIA grew up in Poland, received her education in the U.S. and has traveled and painted in most of all the countries one dreams visiting.  SYLVIA has a natural feel for drawing, design and color.  She paints loosely, speaks precisely and is top notch.  Demonstrating and teaching  - "1st step composition - get the feel of the pose, simplify the values, pay attention to edges, deal with your brushwork".  All this and much more  she did demonstrate, and after the first 10 minutes of the demo she had the pose, likeness, values, and a beautiful composition down on the canvas.   The Chinese kimono worn by the model was an interesting study well handled by the artist.  Both SYLVIA and her young Polish model combined to make beautiful and exciting Art.  HCAA Newsletter June 2001

What a great workshop!  Your way of encouragement to each of us - your demos and lessons: "you are driving the car - you are in charge" - well it all was not only so worthwhile but so enjoyable.  You are such a wonderful teacher.  As B.P. said when  we left "She is the best!", and you are.  I liked my painting a lot and it would not have been 1/2 as good without you correcting my drawing and without me being able to watch and listen to you.  Thanks for the lovely learning day.  C.W.B.

When I got to the classroom on the first day, I thought that I was going to find myself in another boring class.  I was wrong - the class had life.  Our teacher Sylvia Trybek is a real artist; she loves what she does and when somebody loves something they do, the whole universe opens to this person and their energy is not only enough for themselves but for the people around them.  In one word this can be called ENTHUSIASM.  Sylvia showed me how to draw hands, feet, fingers, faces, heads, torsos, arms, legs and knees.  She taught me how to get the right proportions, values and shadows.  Always, there was enthusiasm and not a single class I remember was without life.  R.E.T., Life Drawing Class